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Own your kindergarten and take care of nice little babies
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You will enjoy this great game and challenge: you will be trying to build the greatest and biggest Kindergarten business in the city. The main goal of this game is to entertain kids and increase their happiness by fulfilling their needs until their parents come back for them. A social rating will show your popularity in the city: if you keep kids happy your popularity will increase, they will tip you well and more parents will take their kids with you. The babies will show you their needs, they can feel sleepy so you must take them to bed, they will vomit so you must clean them. Some will enjoy playing with toys, some will feel hungry and you must feed them, among other activities. Some kids are very impatient and you must take care of their happiness.

In this game you can increase your business buying different stuff or hiring assistants. You can hire clowns, nannies, cookers or baby sitters. Each time you reach a level the number of babies will increase and will need help to take care of them. Each level will bring you more fun and entertainment.

Birgilio Rivera
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